A CS:GO update will be coming soon, including a possible battle royale mode

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  What are you doing on Wednesday? If it’s not playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) then Valve wants you to reconsider. The game’s official Twitter account is hinting at a gameplay update coming very soon, and according to some leaks it may include a possible battle royale mode.?

  A new CS:GO update has long been overdue, as the game has not seen a new operation since Hydra back in May 2017. The upcoming update is expected to have a ‘Survival’ mode which may or may not refer to the game’s own spin on the battle royale formula.

  Information about the new mode surfaced back in November when @Nors3 on Twitter posted that the CS:GO devs are working on a survival mode for the game’s ninth operation.

  He went on to show a screenshot of the devs playing on a map called ‘mg_x_enclave.’ This was then corroborated by a Reddit user on a discussion of the tweets above in the game’s subreddit, who said the map is “in the official survival map pool, according to the cvar ‘ui_playsettings_maps_official_survival.’”

  Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau later asked for more information about whether the Survival mode would be some sort of battle royale but Nors3 doubted that the game’s Source engine could handle having the number of players the mode requires in a map at one time.

  While everything is still up in the air for now, the signs definitely point toward something big. While it may or may not be a battle royale mode for CS:GO, some in the community have certainly gathered evidence that they think confirms such a possibility.

  Whatever the case may be, it’s best to free up your Wednesday plans as the update will surely be dropping very soon.